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06 February 2011

Who Cares If It's Winter -- Play Outdoors!

This blog may need to transition to something else, just like my life is.  I'm trying to move away from shovel bumming, which will make my travel for work much less frequent.  However, my gypsy blood will continue to take me to amazing places like the ones I've written about.  So here's a start to blogging about travel for play, rather than necessity.

Where's a better Wisconsin place to kick this off than Devil's Lake?  It's one of my favorite places to snowshoe.  The lake and surrounding cliffs are so amazingly beautiful, and winter keeps away the hoards of vacationers who frequent the hot spot in the warmer months.  Nothing like competing with hundreds of people for a "camping" spot and trail hiking.  I'll take winter at Devil's Lake over any summer day there.

The best part of shoeshoeing at Devil's Lake is walking across the lake and standing where you would normally be a boat.  Sometimes it's scary as hell... an adrenaline walk?  But you can't beat the view.

Standing in the middle of the lake is essentially standing in the middle of the gorge surrounded by Baraboo quartzite ridges.  Geology nerds, unite. 


The only proper way to follow up a fabulous winter hike was with a scrumptious vegetarian lunch at Wisconsin Dells' Cheese Factory Restaurant.  I heart their curried chickpea stew so much.  Along with fried bananas in a Thai peanut sauce, cappuccino, and slice of Princess cake to share -- yes, please!  The restaurant always has international wait staff, along with most places in the Dells.  Our Polish waiter asked if it was either of our birthdays, and even though it wasn't, he wanted to sing us the Polish happy birthday song.  Completely brilliant.

En route back home, we made a necessary stop alongside Dr. Evermor's Sculpture Park to photo the road side sculptures in the snow.  I can't believe I haven't made it inside this place yet.  It's on the list!


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