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20 April 2009


Bananas is a homonym, signifying both Jeff's OCD and the topic of one of our debates. So, Jeff has these "rules" that dictate etiquette he makes up in his head. For example, you can only eat pumpkin pie beginning on October 1 for a two-month period. I STRONGLY disagree with this. Another -- eating the fortune cookie before you read the fortune. A third, rock-paper-scissors can only be called paper-scissors-rock (or is it paper-rock-scissors) because it "sounds better". Today we debated about bananas. Jeff says bananas should not be eaten as part of a mix of anything. Like:
A chocolate-banana milkshake.

Banana cream pie.

Nanner puddin' (a Southern delicacy).

Bananas with peanut butter on toast.
I will happily eat any of these things. In fact, I'd say that a chocolate-banana milkshake is my favorite (and those of you who know me know I don't typically pick a favorite anything). Jeff would rather drink a chocolate milkshake while eating a banana than have the two mixed together. Thoughts?? Here are a couple of videos demonstrating us picking on Jeff and his rules. FYI, 19 is a "BAD" number, and Jeff is controlling the volume from the steering well.

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Jeff said...

I'm a fan. We need to start doing regular crew videos.

Also...I like my beard!