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14 July 2011

We've got the dragon and the damsel... where's the knight?

Although I've worked and played outside and in the woods for years, I never have and never will like insects.  Except these ones.  As long as they don't touch me...


They are beautiful.  They come in all sorts of amazing colors.  They eat mosquitoes.  I want to put them on leashes and attach them to my clothes so they eat all of the mosquitoes that threaten me.


All the same beauty and perks of dragonflies, with some minor biological differences.  I bet you see damselflies all the time and refer to them as dragonflies.  Until last week, I did too.   

Here's how to the tell the difference.  If you can't remember most of the details, just remember this:  When in a resting position, such as pictured above, a dragonfly's wings are spread out to the side and a damselfly's wings sit behind them over the body.

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